What is a urologist?
A urologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating urinary tract system issues. Urologist knows everything about the urinary system of men and women. This includes your kidneys, bladders, ureters, and urethra.

The urologist also treats men’s reproductive system issues, which include the penis, testis, prostate, and scrotum. These issues range from peeing too little or too much to being unable to father a child.

How do you know when to see a urologist?

Here are some of the signs that you need to make an appointment or get a referral to a urologist.

1. If you think you have kidney stones, then you should see a urologist.
Kidney stones are most notably marked by severe pain on either side of your lower back. Other symptoms include stomach pain, blood in the urine, and urine that smells bad. So, if you are experiencing such symptoms it is a sign that you need to see a urologist.

2. If you are leaking urine, seeing a urologist is recommended.
The name for this condition is urinary incontinence. It is one of the common urological issues among women. Usually, a urologist can work out treatment options to treat this condition, including medication, strengthening the pelvic muscles, and surgery.

3. If you are finding it painful to urinate, seeing a urologist is recommended.
When it is painful to urinate, it could be a sign that there is an infection in your urinary tract system caused by bacteria. A urologist can determine the cause of the urinary tract infection and recommend treatment options.

4. If you are unable to reach an erection or sustain an erection in sexual intercourse, then you should see a urologist.
Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the penis is unable to reach sufficient erection to participate in sexual intercourse. There are several causes for this condition such as chronic illness, poor blood flow to the penis, medications, or too much alcohol. Men usually avoid going to a urologist if they have the symptoms due to embarrassment. But it is important that a urologist is a professional who can be trusted with this kind of issue.

5. If you are concerned with your fertility (male fertility), it is time to see a urologist.
If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over 6 months to a year, yet are unable to do so, you may want to see a urologist for a male fertility check-up. A male fertility doctor, also known as a urologist, can help you with your fertility problems. There are several tests that you can take to find out if you’re infertile such as sperm and semen analysis, hormone evaluation, anti-sperm antibodies, and physical exam,

6. If you are having pain in your pelvic area, then seeing a urologist is recommended.
There are many causes of having pain in the pelvic area, this includes interstitial cystitis, prostate infection, bladder cancer, prostate inflammation, and kidney cancer. A urologist can help diagnose the cause and provide treatment.

What can be expected during your visit to a urologist?
When you make an appointment with a urologist, you should be prepared to discuss why you are there. It may help to bring a list of questions or symptoms that you have related to the reason why you have made an appointment with the urologist.

It is likely that a urologist will order tests to diagnose your condition and to determine the best way to treat it.


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