Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Treatment in Chandler, Gilbert & Phoenix, AZ

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is common cancer among males 15 to 35 years of age. This cancer occurs in the testes. Testicular cancer is rare in comparison with other types of cancer.

testicular treatment in Phoenix, Chandler, and Gilbert, AZ

What is testicular cancer?

The testes or testicles the oval-shaped organs of the male reproductive system. They are held in a scrotum below the penis. Testicles make the testosterones, which is a male hormone that is responsible for fertility, sex drive, and development of muscles and bone mass. It is also where the sperm matures. 

Testicular cancer is cancer that happens in testes (testicles or testis). It is a common solid tumor among males 15 to 35 years of age. Testicular cancer is rare in comparison with other types of cancer. It is highly treatable. 

Over the years the incidence of testicular cancer has increased for unknown reasons. 


What are the causes of testicular cancer?

Risk factors for testicular cancer include personal or family history of testicular cancer, undescended testes (testicles or testis), age, ethnicity, and infertility. If you have a brother or a father that has testicular cancer, the risk of you having testicular cancer is high. Testicular cancer is also more common in white than black. 


What are the symptoms if you have testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer symptoms include: 

  • Painless lump in the testes
  • Swelling of testes
  • Feeling of weight in the scrotum area
  • Pain in the groin, testes, or scrotum
  • Tenderness or change in the male breast tissue
  • Low back pain


What can be done?

If you have a high risk of having testicular cancer, you should seek for a doctor’s advice. If you have any lump or symptoms of testicular cancer, see a doctor right away. Testicular cancer is treatable 

Testicular cancer treatment options will be based on the exact diagnosis and health of the patient. Treatment options include:

  • Surveillance

This includes a physical exam, tumor marker tests, and imaging tests. 

  • Surgery

The primary treatment for any malignant tumor found on the surgical exploration of a testicular mass is radical inguinal orchiectomy. Testis-sparing surgery (TSS)  is not usually recommended but may be performed for a small tumor. Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection is a complex surgery used to limit the side effects of taking out the lymph nodes in the back of the abdomen

  • Radiation

It is used to kill cancer cells on the testes or nearby lymph nodes.

  • Chemotherapy

It is used for cancers that have already gone beyond tests. 

 You may find yourself embarrassed about the condition, but it is important to talk to a doctor about this problem. This can be treated.


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