Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Chandler, Gilbert & Phoenix, AZ

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common disorder among men. It is a male sexual disorder. It is an inability of getting or keeping an erection to have satisfactory sexual performance.

erectile dysfunction treatment Phoenix, Chandler and Gilbert, AZ

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is also known as ED, is a complex condition where there is constant trouble of attaining and maintaining an erection in sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is also damage to the penis’ erectile muscle or tissue. In the United States, it is estimated that more than 50% of men ages 40 to 70 years old and around 30 million men are unable to attain or maintain a penile erection to have satisfactory sexual performance.

It affects a considerable impact on the quality of life of the sufferers and their partners.  It comes slowly over time.


What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are many different factors that cause ED. Factors such as the vascular system, nervous system, and endocrine system can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

This includes physical and psychological conditions, comorbidities, and medications to treat them. Also, as men age, testosterone levels decrease that may affect sexual function as well.

Physiological conditions may make erectile dysfunction worse. You may develop ED if you have the combinations of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, and fear of sexual failure.

If you are drinking too much alcohol, smoking, overweight, and using illegal drugs, it may contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Certain comorbidities and diseases can lead to erectile dysfunction such as type 2 diabetes, heart and blood vessel disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, Peyronie’s disease, atherosclerosis, injury to the prostate bladder, and spinal cord, and multiple sclerosis.

Some medications also may have a side effect that leads to erectile dysfunction such as antidepressants, ulcer medicines, sedatives, blood pressure medicine, and antiandrogens.


What are the symptoms if you have erectile dysfunction?

ED symptoms include:

  • Being unable to keep the penis firm enough for sex
  • Being able to have an erection sometimes but not every time you want to have sex
  • Being able to attain an erection but not does last long enough for sexual satisfaction


What can be done?

Consulting a urologist will help you. You can work with a health care professional to treat the causes of your erectile dysfunction. The treatment will be based on the underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction. You also have to consult with your partner about which treatment may best for you as a couple.

Changing your lifestyle may help you improve your condition. This includes quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, maintaining healthy body weight, and stopping the use of illegal drugs.

You may find yourself embarrassed about the condition, but it is important to talk to a doctor about this problem. This can be treated.

Schedule a Consultation

It is important to note that ED treatment is tailored to the individual patient, and what works for one person may not work for another. Desert Sky Urology has the top urologist in Phoenix, Chandler, and Gilbert, AZ. Dr. Byrne will work with the patient to find the best treatment option that meets their specific needs.

Dr. Byrne is an expert in the field of urology, equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. She recognizes the challenges that ED can pose for men, and offers a compassionate approach to care. With a supportive team and the use of cutting-edge treatment methods, Dr. Byrne can help you regain your sexual health and satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with Dr. Byrne today.

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