Urology is a specialization within medicine that’s focused on the urinary tract of men and women, as well as on the reproductive system of men.

Patients often look for the best urologist doctor in order to treat their urinary and reproductive problems. Finding the best urologist can help you in recovering from your problems quickly and therefore, you should keep some important tips in mind when choosing one. So how do you choose the best urologist?

Here are some tips for choosing the best urologist for you:

Ask Your Primary Doctor

Ask your primary care physician for recommendations. They know your medical history and can match you with a urologist who will be able to help.  You can also to start with your family, friends, and other healthcare providers. Ask them if they have any recommendations or would recommend any providers they know.

Check Insurance

To have the least amount of out-of-pocket expenses, it is best to find a urologist within your insurance network. This is one of the things to keep in mind when selecting a urologist.


Check Reviews

When selecting a urologist consider their patient reviews and ratings from other patients of theirs. You can find these on websites like healthgrades.com for example, or by simply googling their name or clinic name and seeing if there are any reviews on Google. Reading about the experiences of other patients can give you insight into what kind of physician he or she is, how much time they spend with their patients, etc.


Board Certification

When selecting the best urologist, check the credentials and professional memberships, as well as their years of experience in the field. Make sure they have an active license, and that their certifications are up to date. Memberships in various organizations can give you further insight into the physician’s qualifications.



When choosing a urologist, it is important to feel comfortable with your doctor’s gender. You will need to openly discuss information that may be personal or sensitive in nature, so it is wise to choose someone you feel comfortable speaking with.


When meeting with a urologist for the first time, ask yourself questions like:

-Do I feel at ease when talking to this person?

-Do I feel comfortable sharing information about my body?

-Is this person someone I could talk to about any issues that may come up?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then this is a good choice for your urologist.


Quality of Clinic/Office

Research the quality of clinic or office when choosing the best urologist. The quality of the hospital is a good indicator of which urologists are best. Good clinic lower infection rates and shorter wait times.



Female Urologist in Phoenix, AZ

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